16 Years Of
Earth-First Beauty

At Josie Maran Labs, every formula starts with a clean slate: no synthetic fragrances, no sulfates, no parabens. Then we seek out naturally derived, sustainable ingredients and invest in do-no-harm packaging. Every decision is carefully considered for its impact on you and Mama Nature, so you can feel good in your skin—and great about what you’re putting on it.

Putting Mama Nature First

Since day one, our formulation philosophy has remained the same: We seek effective, naturally derived ingredients that deliver real results and render nourishing, decadent textures. We never use sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or chemical sunscreens. Our products are certified cruelty-free by PETA. And we always strive to do better!

Josie Maran Labs is all about reducing our energy use, cutting our carbon footprint, and making the most of every natural material. We believe every detail counts, so…

When possible, we upcycle, giving second life to raw materials that would otherwise be discarded. Take our Argan cake: after pressing Argan Oil from the kernel, we extract the remaining “cake”, which powers our extra-precious Reserve Oil.

We produce all of our best-selling Whipped Face and Body Butters in a wind- and solar-powered factory.

We cold-process our Argan Milk and formulate it without chemical emulsifiers. The microdroplets are produced using sonification, a process that’s far more energy-efficient than traditional heating.

Our Pro-Retinol is derived from pink algae that is propagated in our labs for minimal environmental impact.

Not All Argan Oils
Are Created Equal

What makes our Argan Oil the gold standard? To harvest it, we work with woman-led co-ops in Morocco who use only the highest-quality Argan nuts from UNESCO-protected wild forests, and tag every Argan fruit for traceability. We cold-press our Argan Oil to protect its potency and faint nutty scent. Every step is ethical and transparent, from tree to certified-organic bottle.

How Josie Found
a Better Pro-Retinol

Josie was determined to find a plant-derived retinoid that delivered real results without any of the “retinol uglies.” She zeroed in on a form of vitamin A-rich pink algae.

Not only is our Pro-Retinol potent, plant-derived, and gentle—it’s self-replenishing! A small portion of pink algae was transported to our lab, where it regenerates. That’s how we’re able to bring you this skin-saver without disrupting any wildlife or algae ecosystems. Sustainability: Such a good look.

Give Your Empties
a Second Life

Our long-standing partnership with TerraCycle makes it easy to go green! Mail them your Josie Maran empties, and they will give them a second life as new goods—picnic tables, office supplies, and more. Since we first partnered with TerraCycle, you have helped us save over 348,000 units from ending up in landfills!*

*As of 8/31/2022

We Keep On
Keeping On

Josie Maran has been on the vanguard of earth-conscious beauty for 16 years. But we know there’s always room for improvement—which is why we never stop investing in materials and manufacturing processes that are even more environmentally conscious. Right now, we have some big surprises up our sleeve: exciting, meaningful initiatives that we can’t wait to share with our community. Stay tuned!