Feel Good Naked

We only get one precious body.
Let’s celebrate it.

“We’re here to make you feel deliciously good in your own skin. And to cheer for progress—not perfection.”


How It All Started

As a Northern Cali kid, Josie grew up watching the two most important women in her life, her mother and grandmother, struggle with health problems. Her mom battled chronic fatigue; her grandmother is a breast cancer survivor—both had highly-sensitive skin that could not tolerate the chemicals in everyday products. Josie knew there had to be a better way.

But first, fashion came calling. By age 12, Josie was modeling professionally. Ad campaigns led to magazine covers, then commercials, music videos, and movies. True to her roots, on every job, Josie would quiz the beauty biz’s top pros: Were there any green products out there that they considered chic and effective enough to use on set? The answer was always no. 


When she was pregnant with her first child, Josie searched high and low for free-from formulas that delivered real, potent hydration and had planet-friendly ingredients and responsible packaging. They didn’t exist. Her mission took shape: Josie would create the future of beauty! But formulator after formulator told her it was impossible—you couldn’t create chic, efficacious beauty without the chemicals Josie was determined to avoid.

Finally, in 2007, after three years of trial and error, Josie did the impossible. From Day One, the Josie Maran brand was a game changer: the first clean luxury brand at Sephora. And Josie's exclusive 100% Pure Argan Oil—the O.G. “holy grail” multitasker, organic and first-cold-pressed from the get-go—became the industry’s first single-ingredient luxury face oil. 

And the rest is history… 

Josie and her daughter Rumi, 2024

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