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“We (re)invented our packaging for a new era. Low-waste, sustainable beauty starts with a single question: How can we leave things better than we find them?”


Save Money, Save the Planet

Talk about a win-win.

13.5 oz. pouches use 57% less plastic than our old 8 oz. Body Butter jars.

13.5 oz. refill pouch holds 2.25 refills of the 6 oz. jar.

Costs 24% less than repurchasing 6 oz. jars.

Made of 30% recycled materials.
Recyclable via TerraCycle.


3 oz. Argan Oil refill tin holds 3 refills of the 1 oz. glass bottle.

Costs 35% less than repurchasing 1 oz. glass bottles. That’s like getting a whole bottle for free!

Aluminum tin & funnel are curbside recyclable.

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