The Power
of Argan Joy

Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil
Since 2007, Josie has been on a mission to deliver “luxury with a conscience.” We do this by uncovering nature-inspired innovations, seeking sustainable design, putting the well-being of our communities first, and continually asking:

Can we find a better way – for people and our planet?
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On a Mission To
Spread Self-Joy

We’re all about a little thing we like to call “self-joy.” We hope that every time you dive into a Josie Maran formula, you view it as cherishing and honoring your body and soul.

Josie Maran formulas are for every body and every skin type, and provide total care for skin through carefully chosen ingredients, the juiciest textures, and naturally sourced scents.

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Our Power Oil

Josie founded her company 14 years ago when she discovered the hydrating, fortifying, and nourishing properties of Argan Oil. It’s the foundation of everything we do, and our carefully-sourced 100% Pure Argan Oil is in every single formula.

Josie Maran Cosmetics

A Note From Josie

“I grew up dreaming big. As a model and actress working with the world’s best makeup artists, I was constantly told there could never be high-performance products that were healthy. That simply didn’t sit well with my spirit. I decided to challenge myself. I knew I wanted to be the person to crack the code and create beauty formulas that are good for people and our planet. Once I discovered our 100% Pure Argan Oil, my plan was set in motion. Now, I’m so proud of our clean, ultra-nourishing formulas that leave you with juicy, happy skin from head-to-toe.”